Andrea Fry Reading


Andrea L. Fry

"Advanced practice oncology nurse Andrea Fry is the poetic voice of Paracelsus in the 21st century. Poisons & Antidotes is not just a work of medical humanities. Fry uses her clinical skills to diagnose and treat the human condition."
~Daniel P. Sulmasy, MD, PhD, Acting Director
Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown University

Review of Poisons & Antidotes
"The title of this book led me to expect something gothic, spiky, edgy. But this strong and variegated collection of poems is more complicated than that. Perhaps, though Fry certainly eschews easy optimism, the antidotes prove more powerful than the poisons. Fry’s toughness, sanity, and wry humor assert themselves again and again—but assert themselves in different guises...."

Listen to Andrea read from The Bottle Diggers at Grolier Poetry Book Shop, Cambridge, MA.

"For me bottles were the most beautiful because of the glass, but they were also the most fragile. In fact it was almost impossible to find a bottle that was completely intact or didn’t have some sort of a defect. And for me it was really hard to walk away from those pieces, those honey ambers and the emerald greens and the glorious cobalt blues. The colors were still so pure even though they were just pieces. A lot like pieces of a story. And if you think about all of the stories in the world and all of the pieces of those stories, well, it’s kind of like what the poet Muriel Rukeyser said, 'The world isn’t made of atoms, it’s made of stories!' " ~ Andrea L. Fry