Heavenly Angel Food Cake

“This light moist cake is just heavenly,”
shares Milagro DeMilagros of Los Angeles, CA

Heavenly Angel Food Cake

First, separate the egg yolks.
Set aside or send them off
like a dozen monks.

Let the whites sit like Quakers
at room temperature for 30 min.,
as humble as a bowl of spit.
Let them reflect upon themselves.

Meanwhile, sift the sugar
and flour together 3 times.
Infuse the earth with lofty thoughts:
1 part substance, 3 parts air.

Now, return to the whites,
which should be foaming
or speaking in tongues.
Beat them hard like a Puritan.

Whip them into something more
than this, their basest form, and
watch the transformation—
from frothy dribble to cherub’s robe.

First soft crescents swell in
gentle willingness, like virgins
bow their heads in reverence.

With each turn their zeal multiplies.
Slowly, gloved hands emerge and push
upward toward the skies.

Just as they aspire to their stiffest peaks,
anoint them with oils of almond and vanilla
and let the essence permeate.

Now, adding a little at a time,
fold the flour gently into the whites.
Batter should be airy and delicate.

Lightly spoon into a pan.
Cut through the batter with a knife
to remove any pockets of sin.

Cake should rise.